G.metro 1550nm Tunable SFP+ Transceiver 

Bandwidth10 is introducing a series of enhanced tunable SFP+ transceivers based on its MEMs tunable, 1550nm, HCG-VCSEL for Fronthaul and G.metro.  The BW10-1550-10-T-SFP+ has 1mW of optical output power and a 12+nm tuning range.  The BW10-1550-10-T-SFP+ is available now with speeds of 2.5, 5 and 10 Gbps. Detailed information is avaiable on the product page.

10G SFP+

25G 1310nm DFB Laser Diodes for CWDM 

Bandwidth10 will be showcasing its 25G B1310x series of  DFB laser diodes at ECOC 2017.  The B1310x series was designed for CWDM for 100G communications and it supports high temperature operation to 85C.  The DFBs are available on a submount with the following wavelengths: 1271, 1291, 1311 and 1331nm. Detailed information is avaiable on the product page.

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