Bandwidth10 was founded in February 2011 to market its tunable, singlemode, 1550 nm long-wavelength VCSELs and transceivers for datacom applications. 


Bandwidth10’s innovative  High-Contrast Grating (HCG) VCSEL technology was developed by the founders while at the University of California, Berkeley.  Working with Prof. Chang-Hasnain, Dr. Chase, Dr. Rao and Dr. Huang completed their Ph.D. thesis research on VCSELs with a completely new concept for a top mirror, a High-Contrast Grating (HCG).  The HCG (seen below) is a single layer, ultra-thin grating made of a high index material with a sub-wavelength period, which exhibits a much broader reflection band than conventional Distributed Bragg Reflectors (DBR).    

DBR HCG repl arrow

Using the HCG as a tunable mirror, as shown below, leads to a wafer-scale, low cost fabrication process for BW10’s long-wavelength 1550-nm, singlemode VCSEL transceivers.


Phil Worland, President

Robert Lucas, Marketing and Sales

Michael Huang, Operations Manager 

The Founders:

Phil Worland

Connie Chang-Hasnain

Michael Huang

Christopher Chase

Advisory Board:

Dr. Fred  Leonberger 

Prof. James S. Harris

Prof. Fumio Koyama

Prof. Alan Willer


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